The High Power Semiconductor Specialists

Industrial Semiconductor was founded in 1991 by it's current president and CEO Fred Marquardt, however it's real beginning was many years earlier.  With an ever present desire to manage his own company, Mr. Marquardt began his training in a radio/TV repair shop which then led to more formal training with the United States Air Force. After military service and with a background in vacuum tube and solid state electronics he was then selected to be part of the SCR development team at National Electronics where many new innovations in the manufacturing of SCRs were developed.

During his time at National, Mr. Marquardt was elected to serve on the JEDEC Industry Standards Committee in Washington DC where he assisted with developing the rating and testing standards  for the Power Semiconductor industry.  In addition he became the Application Engineering Manager which allowed him to work with many of the foremost power electronic design engineers of the day.  It was during this time that some of the early company developments began.

Several of the early company products include the first all solid state timing system for SCCA automobile racing.  The first solid state scoreboard system installed at NASCAR automobile race tracks, and the first completely portable solid state timing system designed for the Ford Motor Company road racing team.

During the 80's Mr. Marquardt was employed as the first product manager at a fortune 500 company for their High Power Semiconductor products.  There he again was able to develop techniques and know how to provide the level of service and products the customers needed and deserved.

Over the years several members have been added to the staff, and in each case a heavy emphasis on electronics has been stressed. One of our staff is not only a 20 year veteran of the United States Navy where he was deeply involved in power electronics, but also has worked as an electronics instructor in a local college.  Another of our staff has graduated with a degree in electronics from the same college.

Our company is staffed not with sales people but rather with technical problem solvers to offer the best service available in the industry.  The goal of our company is not only to meet the challenges of today, but to continue to build a strong team to serve your needs far into the future.

Reliable components, service, and support from an industry leader